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The Leadership Team of Global Financial Data is responsible for defining our values and developing a global historical and economic database that is both unrivaled and essential to meeting the needs of our clients.

Kevin Iwanaga

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Iwanaga serves as Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for leading GFD’s strategic vision and for driving growth across the global financial and academic markets.

Mr. Iwanaga is a seasoned global executive who draws on more than 25 years of international experience from a range of senior management roles with some of the most well-respected Investment banks and market data providers in the global financial markets.

He started his career in sales for Dun & Bradstreet in Los Angeles, California. He then spent several years in Tokyo developing business for Dow Jones Telerate and Reuters. Then, he transitioned into a market data management role with UBS and spent several years at the company headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. He was then recruited by Goldman Sachs to return to Tokyo to oversee the firms market data and trading technology expansion across Asia. He assumed similar roles with Lehman Brothers and Citigroup based in Hong Kong.

After 15 years in senior market data and trading technology management roles, Mr. Iwanaga moved back into business development with senior roles at leading market data firms, Interactive Data Corporation (now a part of NYSE/Intercontinental Exchange) and Bloomberg L.P. Both roles were based in New York City with a global scope.

Mr. Iwanaga holds a B.A degree in Business Management from California State University, Fullerton

Dr. Bryan Taylor

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Economist

Dr. Taylor serves as both the Chief Economist and Chief Financial Officer. Prior to that he served as President from 1992 to 2017. He received his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in Economics writing about the economics of the arts. He has taught both economics and finance at numerous universities in southern California and in Switzerland. He began putting together the Global Financial Database in 1990, collecting and transcribing financial and economic data from historical archives around the world. Dr. Taylor has published numerous articles and blogs based upon the Global Financial Database, the US Stocks and the GFD Indices. Dr. Taylor’s research has uncovered previously unknown aspects of financial history. He has written two books on financial history.

Michelle Suzanne

Chief Operating Officer


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GFD Insights

Four Centuries of Stocks and Bonds in Retrospect

Dr. Bryan Taylor, Chief Economist, Global Financial Data     Financial markets have evolved over time. The relationship between stocks and bonds differed in each of the eras that Global Financial Data has designated in the past: Mercantilism (1602-1800),...

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A Century of Peace: Bear Markets in the 1800s

GFD has calculated a global index of stocks that begins in 1602 and continues until the present. With this index, we can track the changes in global stock markets over the past 400 years, determine when bear markets occurred and study the causes of those bear markets....

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Brazilian Stocks’ Wild Ride Through Time

At about $1 trillion, Brazil’s stock market is among the twenty largest stock markets in the world, equal to about half of the country’s GDP. The first stock exchange opened in Brazil in 1817, the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange opened in 1820, and the Sao Paulo Stock...

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