April 2018

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The Birth of Electric Cars

Although, few people may realize it, we may be seeing the first generation of kids that will not need to know how to drive a car. With all the changes that are going on in the automobile industry, t read more..

Global Financial Data Adds 150 Market Cap Indices to its GFD Indices

Global Financial Data has added the most extensive collection of data on sector market caps available anywhere.Global Financial Data divides the stock market into twelve sectors. The 12 sectors includ... read more..

Denmark’s Forgotten Stock Market Bubble

  Global Financial Data has added data on individual stocks from the Copenhagen stock market between 1871 and 1937 to the database. This provides a history of Danish stocks that was previously read more..

200 Years of the United States Stock Market in One Graph

The Course of the Exchange made the first attempt to break the stock market down into sectors in 1811 when it expanded its coverage of stocks to include shares other than the three sisters, the B... read more..

350 Years of English Leadership

Global Financial Data is completing its collection of data for the English stock market. The UK stocks database includes data on 25,000 companies from 1657 when the East India Company started tradin read more..

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