Events in Time Anniversaries: April 2021

Events in Time Anniversaries: April 2021

25 years ago: April 1996

S&P 500: 645.17 (vs. 4134.94 in 04/2021)

10-year U.S. Government Bond Yield: 6.66% (vs. 1.58% in 04/2021)

Gold: $391.30 (vs. $1777.85 in 04/2021)

Oil: $21.165 (vs. $63.33 in 04/2021)

GBP/USD: 1.5061 (vs. 1.3923 in 04/2021)

US GDP: $7,772.6 billion (vs. $21,479 billion in 12/2020)

US Population: 269 million (vs. 333 million in 2021)

04/03/1996: A United States Air Force airplane carrying United States Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown crashes in Croatia, killing all 35 on board. Suspected "Unabomber" Theodore Kaczynskiis captured at his cabin in Montana, United States.

04/04/1996: Clinton signs a sweeping overhaul of farm programs that abandons subsidies in favor of gradually declining payments over seven years. Comet Hyakutake is imaged by the USA Asteroid Orbiter Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous.

04/18/1996: In Lebanon, at least 106 civilians are killed when the Israel Defense Forces shell the United Nations compound at Quana where more than 800 civilians had taken refuge.

04/24/1996: The White House and GOP leaders agree on a bill to fund most government operations through the end of September.

04/28/1996: Whitewater controversy: President Bill Clinton gives a 4-hour videotaped testimony for the defense.


50 years ago: April 1971

S&P 500: 103.95 (vs. 4134.94 in 04/2021)

10-year U.S. Government Bond Yield: 6.08% (vs. 1.58% in 04/2021)

Gold: $39.70 (vs. $1777.85 in 04/2021)

Oil: $3.41 (vs. $63.33 in 04/2021)

GBP/USD: 2.4193 (vs. 1.3923 in 04/2021)

US GDP: $1,088.6 billion (vs. $21,479 billion in 12/2020)

US Population: 211 million (vs. 333 million in 2021)

04/01/1971: NYSE listing fees increased; first major overhaul in 20 years. Rebels seized East Pakistan city. U.S. ordered official personnel to leave area. The Pakistan Army massacred over 1,000 people in Keraniganj Upazila, Bangladesh.

04/02/1971: Libya concludes five weeks of negotiations with Western oil companies in Tripoli on behalf of itself, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Iraq. Agreement raises posted prices of oil delivered to Mediterranean from $2.55 to $3.45 per barrel; provides for a 2.5 percent annual price increase plus inflation allowance; raises tax rate from a range of 50-58 percent to 60 percent of posted price.

04/05/1971: NYSE first permitted negotiated brokerage rates on portions of orders over $500,000. Quotes for 32 OTC issues added to new NASDAQ facility, which began operating in February.

04/07/1971: President Richard Nixon announces his decision to increase the rate of American troop withdrawals from Vietnam.

04/10/1971: Ping-pong diplomacy: In an attempt to thaw relations with the United States, the People's Republic of China hosts the U.S. table tennis team for a week-long visit.

04/14/1971: Some restrictions relaxed on trade-travel between U.S. and Red China.

04/17/1971: The People's Republic of Bangladesh forms, under Sheikh Mujibur Rahmanat Mujibnagor.

04/19/1971: Charles Manson is sentenced to death (later commuted life imprisonment) for conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders. Vietnam Veterans Against the War begin a five-day demonstration in Washington, D.C. Launch of Salyut 1, the first space station.

04/23/1971: The Pakistan Army and Razakars massacre approximately 3,000 Hindu emigrants in the Jathibhanga area of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).


100 years ago: April 1921

S&P 500: 7.0235 (vs. 4134.94 in 04/2021)

10-year U.S. Government Bond Yield: 5.24% (vs. 1.58% in 04/2021)

Gold: $3.9525 (vs. $1777.85 in 04/2021)

Oil: $3.1875 (vs. $63.33 in 04/2021)

GBP/USD: 1.5261 (vs. 1.3923 in 04/2021)

US GDP: $91.5 billion (vs. $21,479 billion in 09/2020)

US Population: 108.5 million (vs. 333 million in 2021)

04/02/1921: The Autonomous Government of Khorasan, a military government encompassing the modern state of Iran, is established.

04/11/1921: Emir Abdullah establishes the first centralised government in the newly created British protectorate of Transjordan. Opening of deep sea cable from Key West, FL, to Havana, Cuba (115 miles).

04/15/1921: Banco Nacional de Cuba suspends payment. New system of issue of Treasury Bills by public tender announced. Black Friday: mine owners announce more wage and price cuts, leading to the threat of a strike all across England.

04/23/1921: On 23 April, Romania and Czechoslovakia sign a peace treaty in Bucuresti. It will be followed by a similar treaty between Romania and Yugoslavia signed it Belgrade one month later. A new land reform takes place, at the idea of King Ferdinand I, who wanted to repay the soldiers and their families for sacrifices made during the war.

04/27/1921: Allied Reparations Committee levels 33 billion war reparations debt onto Germany; commands the handing over of 26% of all exports for 42 years and puts the Germans immediately into 12 billion in arrears.


200 years ago: April 1821

S&P 500: 1.80 (vs. 4134.94 in 04/2021)

10-year U.S. Government Bond Yield: 4.11% (vs. 1.58% in 04/2021)

Gold: $19.39 (vs. $1777.85 in 04/2021)

GBP/USD: 4.728 (vs. 1.382 in 04/2021)

US GDP: $656 million (vs. $21,479 billion in 12/2020)

US Population: 9.939 million (vs. 333 million in 2021)

04/05/1821: The Phanariotes Petros Tsigris, Dimitrios Skanavis and Manuel Hotzeris are decapitated by the Turks, while Georgios Mavrocordatos is hanged by the Sultan forces in Constantinople.

04/08/1821: Battle of Novara: Austrian and Sardinian troops defeat Piedmontese revolutionaries

04/10/1821: Patriarch Gregory V of Constantinople is hanged by the Ottoman government from the main gate of the Patriarchate and his body is thrown into the Bosphorus.

04/21/1821: Benderli Ali Pasha arrives in Constantinople as the new Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire; he remains in power for only nine days before being sent into exile.

04/23/1821: Battle of Alamana. After the Greek defeat, Athanasios Diakos is impaled on a spit.


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