GFD Adds 100 years of Data on over 9000 Industrial OTC Companies to the U.S. Stocks Database

After five years of painstaking research, Global Financial Data is proud to announce that its database of thousands of over-the-counter (OTC) stocks has been completed and is now available to subscribers to the United States Stocks Database. The US Stocks Database already provides data from all the nation’s stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange from its inception in 1792, the AMEX/Curb since 1918, as well as Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and other regional exchanges. The addition of the OTC data has completed Global Financial Data’s efforts to provide a complete view of the corporate history of the United States over the past 225 years.
Before the organization of the NASDAQ in 1971, unlisted stocks were traded over-the-counter, using the pink sheets to find brokers who dealt in these unlisted securities. With the advent of computers and the organization of the NASDAQ, this arcane method of buying and selling stocks was made superfluous. Before 1972, however, OTC stocks provided an important resource for securities unavailable on organized exchanges. NASDAQ began keeping track of stock prices electronically on December 14, 1972, and data on OTC stocks after that date is readily available. Before 1972, however, very little data was on unlisted companies was accessible until now. Global Financial Data has digitized over 100 years of information on OTC stocks for its customers to analyze and explore. Although most people may think that it was mainly small stocks of little interest to investors that traded OTC prior to the creation of the NASDAQ, nothing could be further from the truth. Several companies that are current members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded OTC before they listed on the NYSE. This includes Chevron, ExxonMobil, Disney, WalMart JPMorgan Chase and Travelers. Without access to Global Financial Data’s complete histories for these companies, you will be missing some of the key elements in these companies’ histories. In addition to this, most financial stocks, banks and insurance, traded OTC prior to the advent of NASDAQ because the companies were too small to list on a major exchange. GFD now makes a hundred years of history that includes data on over 5000 finance companies available to its customers. The database provides information on thousands of banks and insurance companies that are included in the OTC Database from every state of the union. How were bank stocks affected by the Great Depression? Without access to Global Financial Data’s OTC Stocks Database, you will never know. The source of this data is the Commercial and Financial Chronicle and its sister publication, the Bank and Quotation Record. Each month from 1865 until 1972, these periodicals collected data from their sources throughout the United States and published the bid and ask for each OTC company. The result is an incomparable history of business in the United States. The OTC database covers over 100 years of stock histories between 1865 and 1972, including data on over 20,000 companies with over 1 million data entries. Using this resource, we have added data on over 900 insurance companies, over 4000 banks and over 7000 Industrial companies which were not previously part of the U.S. Stocks Database. The inclusion of this data has also allowed us to provide additional data on over 9000 companies that were already in the database, including many members, past and present, of the S&P 500. Xerox listed on the NYSE in 1961, but OTC data for Xerox begins in 1936. As a result of this addition, the number of companies listed in the U.S. Stocks Database has increased to over 50,000 beginning with the Bank of North America in 1782 and ending with the IPOs of 2016. Global Financial Data has carefully collected and entered this data to verify its accuracy. One of the most difficult parts of this project has been to organize the data into separate files for each company. GFD did extensive research to classify each company by equity type, sector and industry, SIC Code, incorporation, and other relevant factors. In addition to this, we provide a description of the company’s business and its corporate history. Even ignoring the extensive stock market data, the result is an incomparable history of corporations in the United States. No other resource provides so much information in a single location about corporations in the United States over the past 200 years than Global Financial Data. Many of our customers are already using these additions to the database to fine tune their algorithms for trading stocks. Are you? To access the United States Stocks Database, to get a list of the OTC stocks that were added to the database, to obtain a complete list of the 75,000 securities in the U.S. Stocks Database, to get a demonstration of the U.S. Stocks database, or if you have any questions about these additions, call today to speak to one of our sales representatives at 877-DATA-999 or 949-542-4200.

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