United States Bank Database Adds Data on Over 4,000 Banks

Global Financial Data has expanded its unprecedented coverage of U.S. Stocks with the addition of data on over 4,000 banks unavailable from any other source. No other data provider can compete with the robust nature of GFD’s emerging US Stocks Database. Through the efforts of our economists and research department, Global Financial Data has assembled 200 years of stock history covering every bull and bear market. GFD has eliminated both the survivorship bias and the exchange bias by including every US exchange as well as stocks that traded over-the-counter.
The United States Bank Database includes data on over 8,000 banks from 1788 to 2016. GFD has recently added data on almost 3800 banks and has extended the data coverage on 500 other banks. The United States Bank Database allows you to get the complete history of JPMorgan Chase & Co. from its incorporation in 1824 as The New York Chemical Manufacturing Co. to the most recent data for JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2016. Data on individual banks before 1972 is unavailable elsewhere because banks were not listed on exchanges and traded over-the-counter. Since banks were prohibited by the McFadden Act to operate across state lines until the 1980s, most banks were too small to qualify for inclusion on an exchange. These unlisted bank stocks did trade over-the-counter. The Commercial and Financial Chronicle provided monthly bid and ask prices for around 1000 banks each month from 1877 to 1972. Global Financial Data has collected this data and put it in the United States Stock Database so subscribers can access this invaluable, unique database. Using data from The New York Times and other newspapers, GFD has extended its database on banks back to the 1700s. The database includes over 1650 banks from the 1800s, and over-the-counter data on 4700 banks before they listed on the NASDAQ or another exchange. In addition to the monthly data using over-the-counter bank information, the United States Bank Database includes daily data on over 3,700 individual banks. GFD also provides corporate histories on the banks. This information includes where the bank was located, when it was found and organized, any name changes the bank went through, and if the bank delisted, information on whether the bank went bankrupt or was taken over, and who acquired the bank. Corporate action data includes information on both dividends and splits. To access the United States Bank Database, to get a list of the banks included in the database, or if you have any questions about these additions, call today to speak to one of our experts at 877-DATA-999 or 949-542-4200.

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